Precision Dance & Performing Arts - Sub-program of Precision Fitness Center

$15.00 per month for membership fee - register and receive a free class!

$15.00 per session (1 hour) of each dance class
$40 (3) sessions; $60 (5) sessions and $80 (7) sessions 

Payment Policy  
Monthly Fees are due on monthly basis by the 15th of each month
We accept Debit and Credit Card Payments and we accepted them through Square Inc. (a competitor to PayPal). You can pay with any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or American Express) and Cash App at the studio.
Dress Code for Precision
1.  Dance students must be in dress code
·         Proper shoes (ballet slippers/jazz shoes/tap shoes)
·         Jazz & Hip-Hop Classes - Black Jazz Shoes
·         Loose fitted top or a Precision Dance t-shirt
·         Black Bottoms- shorts, capri, or pants
·         Hair pulled back from face
2.  No Jewelry
3.  Students must be on time to class and be picked up immediately after class
4.  No food, drink or gum is allowed in the studio at any time, ONLY water is allowed.